With emergence of MNCs, Corporate and Global as well as local Retail, F&B and LFS brands exploring the Indian market, there emerge a need for Specialized Real Estate professionals and Companies who have a decent Geographical reach and can service specific mandates . There definitely was a influx of some of the leading Global real estate companies who have expertise to service these type of specialized mandates.

However, in  a vast country like India the biggest challenge for them also was to provide last mile connectivity and reliability as it’s a highly personalized market. So on one hand, where these HUGE companies were highly successful in servicing the BIG BOX formats, it came as a huge task for them to service burgeoning High Streets of so many Indian cities.

This has given an opportunity to various Individuals as well as companies to venture in to this highly lucrative market by gaining knowledge and slowly and gradually making their mark in to the segment.

LEASE CORP INDIA is also one such company, which emerged out of this opportunity.


“Prahaladnagar Highstreet is something we are proud of creating and the latest is this DENIM zone created by us with brands SPYKER, PEPE, FLYING MACHINE and BLUE BUDDHA.” 

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